Thursday, September 26, 2019

Learing protfolio Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Learing protfolio - Essay Example We did majority of the work but he was the one on the limelight and this made him take all the success for himself and not acknowledging the team. He tried charming customers with his looks once the team disintegrated but he only received failure reports after that as only looks alone do not work to gain success. Research by (Judge, Hurst & Simon, 2009) indicates that success of leaders is an accumulation of different attributes from the physical appearance to the mental ability as well as their core self-evaluation which basically deal with the confidence level of the leader. What this means is that without all these attributes mentioned above which are integrate with team work, a leader cannot be successful. When a leader is unaware of the factors that make him or her successful, when failure come s along, the leader is unlikely to rise back to the success domain again as he took the success as purely a fundamental attribute. The other thing highlighted by the article by (Gino & Pisano, 2011) that is mentioned in the topic is that overconfidence is one of the main impediments of learning about success and failure as a leader. An overconfident leader tends to be overshadowed by biasness as well as the fundamental attribution error. This therefore leads them to failing to ask for guidance or assistance even when they are on the verge of plunging into failure. What these does is that is leads the organization into eminent failure and underperformance that they cannot recover from to reach their levels of success once again. The topic basically is full of advice on how a leader should behave and what attributes to consider and remember when they are successful so that they can use them in case of any failure. The tips on success depending largely on mental ability, physical attractiveness and self-evaluation will really come in handy in future when I will have a chance to be a leader or even now in case I am chosen as a group

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